Thursday, June 3, 2010

BamaJam – One Helluva Party

There is something special about music. It reaches into our hearts and soul and grabs a hold of all those memories and emotions that make us who we are. There is something even more special when you hear a song for the first time the pulls on those heart strings and makes you remember why you enjoy having a love affair with music. It's been my absolute pleasure to experience that over and over these last five hours at BamaJam. From the LoCash Cowboys to Danny Gokey to Chris Young, it's been wow moment after wow moment for me. Having said that, the night is still nowhere near being over and I tip my hat to the many other artists performing on the other stages here at BamaJam that I will unfortunately miss.

Day one of the BamaJam experience gas simply been spectacular. The food is great, the weather is perfect (well, there was that giant rain cloud that blew over, dropped some water and cooled everything off), and the service and smiles of all the individuals working the event have made me feel welcomed and right at home. There is definitely something to be said about Southern hospitality.

Well, Miranda Lambert is about to take the stage and then I need to scramble over to the other stage for Zav Brown. More to come later tonight. Rock on!

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