Sunday, July 25, 2010

Epic Thanks Tampa: An Exciting New Endeavor


It’s a simple enough word to say. Even without knowing what it means or the language from which it comes, there’s a rhythmic flow to the three syllables that make up the word.


It’s all too easy to get lost in the clichés of our day to day. The rat race, the hustle and bustle, the daily grind; we so easily allow ourselves to be consumed and enveloped by the arbitrary parameters these clichés impose on our lives. We’re too consumed to notice, and so oftentimes too busy to care, about not only the environments and communities in which we live, but also the many individuals that stand to benefit from our actions.

When I stop to look back at my life and the many blessings with which I’ve been graced, it’s overwhelmingly apparent to me that much, if not all, of what I have, value and possess was made possible by others. Parents, sibling, spouse, friends; they’ve all contributed in small part and in large to the life I find myself living today. My moment of reflection and introspection can best be summarized to just one word. To three little syllables. Asante.

Thank you.

The list of things for which I am grateful is endless. From the smallest item to the largest accomplishment, I am thankful for the combination of opportunities, series of events, and generosity of others that made it all possible. It’s with complete gratitude on which I look back on my life, and it is in the spirit of this gratitude with which I set forward on a new and exciting endeavor.

I am so thrilled to be a part of the team working on Epic Thanks Tampa (ETT), an event scheduled to take place on November 19 to celebrate all it is for which we are thankful. ETT is also a charity fundraising event to benefit both the EpicChange organization as well as a local change-maker in our area. What is a change-maker? A change-maker is a person or group that selflessly devotes their time and resources to positively impact the lives of others. In keeping with the mission of the EpicChange, the ETT event seeks to identify one Tampa area change-maker and amplify their voice and impact on the community. There is a lot of work to be done between now and November 19, but we are confident that we’ll not only get it done, but also the event will be spectacular.

There is a ton more information about Epic Thanks Tampa ( coming soon, as well as the efforts currently being made in Tanzania by EpicChange, so please stay tuned for more details. I also hope the efforts of all involved inspire you to contribute in your own way, because at the end of the day, it’s all about gratitude.

Asante for reading.

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